What do we offer?

You need to know what you can expect from us when you apply. What do we offer you? And what are the conditions? We are happy to explain!

A suitable job or internship

Our network is huge. As is the supply of jobs and internships. So there is plenty of choice . Do you need good advice? That’s why we are here. We help you choose. Thanks to our experience we are able to judge which roles are tailor-made for you.

Your wishes are the most important of all. Example: Do you want to improve your Italian language skills? Then we try to place you in a team with as many Italian-speaking colleagues as possible. Do you prefer working in a small organisation? Or perhaps in a very big team? We always think and look with you in mind.

Accommodation and meals

Are you going to work through European Leisure Jobs? Accommodation on site is always included. What kind of accommodation you are given depends on your employer. Most accommodation is equipped with cooking facilities. Then you can prepare your own meals. At some locations you will be offered one or more meals per day. Of course we’ll tell you how your work place regulates things before you leave.


The salary depends on your position and the country where you work. If you’re a trainee you receive an appropriate placement fee.

(Travel) insurance

Insurance. That small print. Administrative fuss and hassle. But oh so important. Being properly insured during your job or internship is a must. Good news: we take the hassle off your hands. European Leisure Jobs provides special travel insurance for you. So you are properly insured when you go to work.

Travel allowance

Whether you go to your destination by car, train, plane or bicycle, we reimburse (part of) your travel expenses. How much? That depends on the distance.

Training and preparation

Good preparation? That’s half the battle. Before you start your job or internship, we ensure that you’re well prepared. We’ll make sure that you’re off to a flying start. Either during our inspiring kick-off days or by a personal induction. Some employers provide several days of training when you first arrive.

“Before I started, I attended a training camp in the Netherlands, then I went straight to the campsite! The training was perfect preparation, I was totally immersed in the animation. I had also extensive discussions with the recruiter about where I would end up. Very nice!”


Lieke Saelmans, Lead Animator in France with Vacansoleil

There for you if you need us

There is a lot involved at the start of a new job or internship. Especially abroad. That’s why we are always on hand – from when you apply until you finish. There for you, there to answer your questions. During the training period there is an emergency service, we are available 24/7. As a trainee you will be visited once or twice during the internship by one of our supervisors.

An amazing experience

When you opt for the leisure sector, you choose a super cool business.

You work with international colleagues, you meet guests from different countries and stay at unique locations. You learn other languages, discover new cultures and make new friends. A great learning experience! Enriching your life and your CV.