Student work

Are you ready for an adventure?

Are you a student, or currently in a gap year and looking for a summer job? Then you’ve come to the right place. Student work is the perfect solution for when you just need a little break from your studies. It not only helps you take your mind off school, it also gives you the opportunity to gain experience abroad. At holiday parks in 16 European countries for example!

And of course this experience will look great on you resume! Are you stuyding languages, culture, or something related to tourism? When you graduated you will definitely benefit from your time abroad. By working abroad for some time, you find yourself in an international environment that is perfect to practice your languages and other skills. It’s a win-win situation! So, are you ready for your adventure abroad?

Student work

Working on a holiday park is always a great idea! It fits in well with your semesters too, which means you could start directly after your exams. You can work as a receptionist, host, work in hospitality or you can steal the show as an entertainer. A summer job like this isn’t just a lot of fun. You’ll learn a lot and an experience like this is great to put on your resume.

The benefits of student work:

  • A summer job in the sun
  • A break from your studies
  • You get a chance to develop yourself
  • You can practice your languagesStudent work animation
  • You’re able to meet new people
  • You’re working in a nice environment

When you’re going to work with us you’ll be living and working on a holiday park. You’re able to choose from all the vacancies in 16 different European countries. You’ll get to deal with people from all over Europe, so chances are high you’re going to speak different languages during your time there.

How to apply

Do you see yourself working with us this summer? Tell us why you’ve ‘got what it takes’! Tell us about your talents, and let us know what your wishes are.

How? Simply apply for one of our vacancies. You can even apply via WhatsApp!

Everything will be taken care of

Finding the right summer job isn’t always easy. But exciting nonetheless. Especially if it’s going to be your first time working abroad. You don’t have to worry about a thing, we’ll make sure everything is perfectly arranged.

What happens after your application?

You quickly hear if we want you to attend an interview. We’ll grab a coffee or a cup of tea and together we will discuss your knowledge and experience as well as your goals and desires. So we can get to know each other better. If it feels right, we’ll take action.

Student work hospitalityYour ideal summer job? We will find that together. Together we’ll look at what you can do, at your level of education, your experience, your language skills, But we tend to focus on what you really want to learn. When we’ve identified your ideal summer job, we’ll introduce you to the company to get to know each other. Is there a match made in heaven? Yes! Then you are (almost) ready to start.

First we’ll make all the proper arrangements. Then you’ll receive an offer with all details about your internship, such as:

  • Description of your role
  • Working hours
  • Salary
  • Insurance
  • Preparation
  • Lodgings abroad

And then… the adventure begins!

But not without the right preparation. Everything will be arranged by us. Like lodgings Student work hospitalityon location, travel insurance and assistance with your travel expenses. Before departure you’ll be given training. As you can see, you will go abroad free from worries. During your student work we’ll be there for you as well, to answer any questions or when problems occur. We’ll be your safety net, because that is also part of your student summer job in the sun!