Internships in the world of recreation

Are you studying and looking for an internship? At European Leisure Services we are able to offer good placements at intermediate vocational education and higher vocational level. We have placements throughout Europe.

Internship at an Accredited Learning Company

All of the companies we work with to offer internships, including the ones abroad, are recognised training companies in accordance with the SBB norms (Foundation for Vocational Education and Industry). Like Vacansoleil Camping Holidays for instance, currently one of our largest internship placement companies for students throughout Europe

Following one of the following courses? Then you are in the right place. Are you following another course? We will always check to see if we can help you.

  • Front office employee
  • Front office manager
  • Front desk staff/manager
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Recreation employee
  • Recreation manager
  • Sports & Exercise
  • CIOS
  • Travel, Leisure & Hospitality
  • MBO Hotel school
  • Host / Hostess
  • Independent cook
  • Air Navigation Service Provider
  • Nature, Water and Recreation
  • Garden, Park and Landscape

Everything is controlled

Finding the right internship? That’s not easy. But quite exciting too. Especially if it is your first internship. And it’s even more exciting when you go abroad. You can rest easy, we make sure that everything is perfectly arranged.

How to apply

Do you want to go on an internship? Convince us! Tell us why you are the perfect trainee. Tell us about your talents, And let us know what your wishes are.

How? Apply online via one of our internship vacancies. Enter your details, tell your story and attach your CV.

What happens after your application?

You quickly hear if we want you to attend an interview. We’ll grab a coffee or a cup of tea and together we will discuss your knowledge and experience as well as your goals and desires. So we can get to know each other better. If it feels right, we’ll take action.

Your ideal internship? We will seek that together. Together we look at what you can do, at your level of education, your experience, your language skills, But we tend to focus on what you really want to learn.

Do we have your ideal internship in our sights? Then we’ll introduce you to the company for a first acquaintance. Is there a match made in heaven? Yes! Then you are (almost) ready to start. First we make proper arrangements. You will receive an offer with all details about your internship, such as:

  • description of your role
  • working hours
  • salary
  • insurance
  • preparation
  • lodgings abroad

And then…let’s start!

The adventure begins. But not without good preparation. Everything will be arranged by us. Like lodgings on location, travel insurance and assistance with your travel expenses. Before departure you’ll be given training. As you can see, you will go to your internship free from worries. During the internship we are there for you too. For questions or when problems occur. We are your safety net. Because that is also part of a good internship.

Exactly what you can expect from us is detailed  here.