Ylva about blunders and kids playing hairdresser

Leisure jobs abroad - Entertainer
28 October 2016 AnimatieFrankrijkStage

Animation internship in the French Dordogne

This year I did an internship for the second time at an Iris Parc campsite. It was even better than last year because I did more entertainment. Like the whole time! During the interview they asked what my expectations were for next season and we looked back at the previous season. So I could say what I wanted to learn during my animation internship this year.

I worked for 16 weeks in animation and we slammed it! I took care of the mini-disco, interactive theatre and disco for the teenagers. I also did a lot of shows, such as Tarzan, Mama Mia and kids shows. It’s really fantastic to do animation in such a big team. It is very varied and there are so many things happening. Every day is different.

‘What a day!’

A busy day always started with a good breakfast. At 10 o’clock we started the mini club with the children until 12 o’clock. At 12 o’clock we had a half hour break and after that we started practising for the shows at half past 12. At 3pm we had campsite Maxx until 5 o’clock (this is for the older children). Then I had a break until half past 6. At half past six, I transformed myself into the character of Tipy to act in an interactive theatre and then the mini disco.

I loved to play Tipy! It was a great outlet for all my energy and it is lovely to see that the kids enjoy it and that they are having fun. The kids really believe everything Tipy says or does. After the interactive theatre I was wacked. But at half past eight I had to be ready again for the big evening show! After the show it really was time to go to bed …

When it was quiet we were mainly involved with preparations and cleaning. We even held the mini club in the restaurant at the start of the season. That was when almost every day was quiet.

More responsibility

The biggest difference between this and last year was that I got a lot more responsibility this year. For example, I was responsible for the mini club and interactive theatre. That’s not easy because you have to arrange it by yourself. But it turned out well.

Mama mia, awkward gaffe!

During the first Mama Mia show I was quite nervous whether everything would go well. After all the preparations, the day finally arrived when we were allowed to run the show on stage. It went really well! But at the end I bent forward to thank the audience and, you guessed it, I split my pants. This caused great hilarity among my colleagues, I thought it was a little less funny. Fortunately, I can laugh at myself.


We had a really strong team. The team consisted of seven employees, five interns and one head animator. We could really rely on each other. During a season you have good times but also bad times. At these moments you really need your team !! It was a very international team, which is also very nice because everyone has their own stories to tell.

It is really nice to gain international experience anyway. You become quite independent because you have no parents on hand to help you.

Lazing on a day off

I spent my days off mostly in my bed or working on school things (boring huh?). It was important to get my rest during those days. Of course, I also saw a lot of the area and we went to the surrounding towns and villages. You can’t beat a bit of culture.

Quatorze Juillet

July 14, a national holiday in France, was a big festive day at the campsite. The whole camp was decorated and all the animation team members created a huge game for the complete site! The kids thought it was great! Plus, it was a very busy day with lots of activities and a show. Of course, we watched the fireworks with colleagues in the evening and had a drink together!

Children playing hairdresser

Another great story; one day at the mini club there was a child who ran up to me with something in her hand. Her hand was closed so I couldn’t see what was in it. I asked her; ”what do you have there? “. The child opened her hand and proudly showed me a huge tuft of her hair that she just had cut off. I stressed immediately because how was I going to explain this to her parents. The child on the other hand was very proud and thought it was cool. With a very heavy heart I told the parents. Luckily they didn’t think that it was that bad.


My tip to others would be: ENJOY YOURSELF. Enjoy it and try as many new things as possible. Not everything will be an immediate success but you’ll learn so much!