Tim is a cook in Belgium. Sometimes making 400 meals a day!

Tim, kok Parc La Clusure België
27 October 2016 BelgiëHoreca

I have been working abroad for several years, so I’m used to adapting quickly. Last season I worked in the kitchen on a holiday park in Belgium. Together with another colleague cook and several students, I prepared the meals for lunch and for the à la carte restaurant. In the low season I also prepared the staff meals.

Soon, 300 to 400 meals a day!

On my day off? Cleaning my caravan, grocery shopping, relaxing and occasionally going out for dinner with colleagues. I only got a little rest in mid-September when it was very quiet at the campsite. For years I have been recommending everyone I know to work abroad. You learn a lot about yourself because you are far from home and you quickly become very independent. You are in an environment with people who want to have a great time, like yourself!

Every environment is different each time but above all: be yourself! Remember that you have been chosen by the people for whom you work because they see certain qualities in you. Show your abilities and try to develop yourself further!

A nice anecdote: quite by accident I came across an old classmate from 20 years ago at the camp who was on holiday with his family and friends. He ate a few times in the restaurant before I saw him and they all thought that my food was quite delicious, which is always nice to hear.