Rosalie is ready! A job as animator in France

7 October 2016 AnimatieFrankrijk

‘I have seen all of the photos of the campsite on Google’

I’m already in France! My job as an animator has just begun. After some good preparation – I checked photo’s, stories and reviews on the internet for hours – I already know everything about the area and what to experience there. And that’s a lot. I’m so excited!

Waving goodbye

The farewell at home was way more extensive than expected. But it was super fun. From an evening at a wine bar with friends to a nice dinner with my parents. My sister waved me goodbye when I left for the campsite. And from my housemates I got a nice framed picture of our club. Yes, this already has pride of place in my mobile home!

Working among French people

I am a member of a large animation team, 15 of us in total. I am the only one from Holland. Yes, I have to speak French, but I like it. I hope to soon master that language completely. There has to be a good chance of success while I’m here.

Just be crazy!

Animation work? That is amazing. Dressing up, dancing, jumping around. Going crazy doing things with children. They are always honest and ready to play. I see myself sitting in the kids club happily painting the kids’ faces.