Julia’s preparations for an adventure in Italy!

7 October 2016 AnimatieItalië

Julia worked as animator in Italy for Vacansoleil last summer. In the online magazine for all employees she talked about her preparations. It’s fun to read, so we share it again here!

Working for the first time in Italy!

I was looking for a fun and an educational job. Fortunately, I saw the vacancy for my future summer job. My great adventure starts in July. Then I leave for Italy to work as an animator. I can’t wait!

Parli Italiano? 

How do I prepare myself for this trip? I’ve found the app Duo lingo. I’m learning a bit of Italian by using the app. It’s better if you speak the language of the country. This makes communication with the colleagues better and also more fun. Then I search the internet for smart travel tips. I already know what to take with me!

Exciting challenge

My expectations? I see it as a challenge. I want to learn what it’s like to be alone for a long time. Arrange everything for yourself, in a different environment, super exciting! I also expect a lot of action. I guess that an animator won’t sit still that much.

The guitar comes too!

I hope to create a great holiday for as many people as possible. My guitar case comes with me. I think it would be awesome to play songs for the children at the camp. I practise every day so I hope that I can jam some songs very soon.