Spanish ambiance & siestas. Natascha is going to Spain for the third time!

28 October 2016 ReceptieSpanje

Always a new challenge!

I was approached by the recruiters of European Leisure Jobs this time because I have worked for them for several years. They know they can offer me a new challenge over and over again. The communication and relationship is very good.

The instruction day was a piece of cake because for me it was the third time that I was going to work abroad. But it was still fun to refresh myself just before leaving.

I even learned a little Catalan

I was a front desk assistant on the campsite. I kept myself busy with showing guests to their accommodation or pitch, explaining the campsite and the surrounding area. My languages were brushed up again and I even learned a little Catalan! On a busy day I worked a lot of hours. Sometimes from 8am to 9pm. After breakfast I walked to the front desk to turn on the computers and in no time the reception was full. We had about 50 check-outs and some new check-ins during the day. I cycled a lot. The contact with colleagues went very well, and the contact with the boss was great too. During any quiet moments I helped with administrative duties.

The Spanish Ambiance

On my days off I often went to Barcelona or relaxed on the beach. A lovely environment to work in, but also to spend your spare time. What makes working in foreign countries different to working in my homeland? There is a different atmosphere. People socialise more with each other. The food is delicious and the people are very cordial. And last but not least, they have a siesta!