Míde as Show & Musical Animator. Off to France.

27 October 2016 AnimatieFrankrijk

How my adventure as Show & Musical Animator began…

I was invited by European Leisure Jobs for a recruitment day. Beforehand I had applied for the position of Show & Musical Animator via the website and I filled out the online form. I explained about my experience as a trainer, my motivation for the job and about my leadership experience.

Via Amsterdam to the Dordogne

After my placement was agreed I contacted the camp director. He gave me the necessary information on how best to travel to the site and how the area would look. But before I travelled to the site, I first flew to Amsterdam to follow the Campingtainment training course. Every morning we started with a two-hour long mini-disco to get our energy levels up to scratch! Not to mention the shows and musicals: How can I make everyone shine on stage?

At the campsite I was, as Show & Musical Animator, responsible for all stage and theatre activities. Every day I was kept busy designing costumes and props and sorting them out for the shows; Mama Mia & Tarzan. My direction and choreography skills were needed to manage the rehearsals for other team members. The rehearsals were great because I saw all of them developing during the season. High season was very busy with 2,500 people at the camp. We did shows for 200 to 400 guests every day, this gave us a huge boost!

The magical French potion

During low season, my duties were varied and I also participated in the mini club and mini disco. Besides the shows, my best memory was when I played Flora. My colleague Sven played Tipy. The theme was the Inventors week. Together we decided to make a magic potion of milk and cola … we drank this while the children were watching. We had to make it look like it was very tasty. We both could not stop laughing!

Baguettes and croissants

The big difference I noticed compared to Ireland was how different the daily routine of the campers was. At the campsite they started the day with a baguette and a croissant, perhaps a newspaper. Then they went to the mini club or pool. Life at the camp started later. That was perfect for us because we could rehearse around the guests’ schedule. What I noticed was that if you attempt to speak in a foreign language or to embrace the culture of the country, the locals and holiday makers were surprised at first, but they appreciated it more and more later.