Maintenance manager Eric about his job in Luxembourg

28 October 2016 LuxemburgOnderhoud & Techniek

I found the vacancy for maintenance manager through an acquaintance. I had been working abroad for several years, but I was looking for a permanent job.

In addition to controlling and planning, i also work hands-on!

At the moment, I am responsible for planning, managing inventory, making sure that new units of accommodation can be installed on time, but if necessary I work hands-on too.

In the preseason, we all do a lot of cleaning and repair work. The mobile homes and the toilet blocks have been closed all winter so it is always the question as to what they will look like. The cleaning crew makes sure that everything is spick and span again. We also needed to install 85 new units of accommodation this season. A lot of work, but they look great now!

In the preseason, it is quiet at the campsite, we are a small team of mostly permanent employees. In summer, I will lead a team of 12 colleagues. 4 technical staff, 6 cleaners and 2 trainees.

In high season, we provide all the technical repairs and cleaning. On arrival and departure days, we must redouble our efforts to clean the accommodation. The technical repairs vary from a leaky tap to the replacement of a gas cylinder. There was a storm last week and the electricity went off at 3 o’clock in the morning. We are also responsible for that.

The team spirit is good. We work very hard but we also have a lot of fun. After a long day there is nothing better than having a cold beer with everyone!

This winter the pool is going to be replaced so i won’t be bored!

In the postseason, we winterise everything and I have already started preparing for the new season.