Lifeguard Iris in France: “Do it, and just keep on enjoying yourself ‘

Iris, badmeester Frankrijk
27 October 2016 FrankrijkLifeguard

Lifeguard Iris in France: ‘Do it, and just keep on enjoying yourself’

After I quit my studies, I started googling for summer work and I ended up with European Leisure Jobs. They had a job online in France as a lifeguard. This job was made for me because I worked as a lifeguard for years in the Netherlands. After receiving my application, recruiter Sophie searched quickly and within a week everything was arranged! I had a job interview, they were positive, I made an English CV, they introduced me to the campsite and I got accepted by the camp director! On May 9, I went to the kick-off day and I was ready to go!

There were busy times for sure!

The gates opened at ten o’clock in the morning and the campers came inside. The camp had put out 300 new sunbeds right at the beginning of the season because at the busiest time there were 1325 people at the pool! As Lifeguards, we were allowed to have a say in all matters concerning the pool because the lifeguards supervise the pool and the slides … even when it rained! Fortunately, that did not happen often. When it rained, we did things like small repairs, such as repairing umbrellas but also putting the sunbeds in line, all to ensure that the pool area looked nice. During my days, I might end up alone at the pool, or with one or two colleagues. Around 19:30 we started to clean up because the pool closed at 20.00.

1207 kilometres away…

I drove to the campsite with my colleague Timo. It’s about 1207 kilometres, but it meant that I could do nice things on my days off with colleagues. Lifts to the supermarket were always appreciated by colleagues, but we often went for dinner, barbecue or we made a campfire.

They were memorable times!
The big difference between this work in the Netherlands and France was that the guests were so nice and relaxed. You could definitely see that they were on holiday and they didn’t have to do anything. The weather helped of course. The foreign languages I heard around me every day completed the picture!