Busy changeover days in France. Janoek starts work as a receptionist!

18 October 2016 FrankrijkReceptie

How did I go through the application process? I participated in the application day where I got a good idea of what the role entailed. It was great that I immediately got to know new colleagues!
A both exciting and interesting day. A few days later I received the call I was waiting for. I can start work next season!

Good preparation is half the work!

Thanks to the kick-off day I was well prepared for my adventure. In addition, I took some French language classes and I searched for some information about the area.
Good preparation is half the work!

Once I’d arrived my working day consisted of checking people in and out, solving problems or forwarding them onto the technical team. Informing guests about the activities on the campsite and answering phone calls. No day is similar to any other. Occasionally I even went along with the animation team and their dances.

Changeover days, busy, busy, busy..


The busiest days were the changeover days on Saturday and Sunday. These were really hectic! You started early in the morning with checking out the departing guests. Around noon there was a big line of new guests who all want to check-in.
And in between the phone rang all day long. Eventually we’d end up cleaning, tidying leaflets, sweeping and mopping, cleaning up any rubbish. So, everything was neat and ready for Sunday.

On calm days, I made up welcome packs for the new guests. Sometimes I helped the cleaning crew or I cycled around the campsite to chat with the guests.

The days off were lovely!

Swimming in the lake, watching a movie in the evening or perhaps a visit to the nearby waterfall. Plus we went shopping in the nearest town with a colleague who had a car.

An adventurous way of working

There is a friendly atmosphere during your holiday job. It’s often harder work in high season, but the work is more fun than working in Belgium. Breaks that are mandatory in Belgium do not count here when it’s busy. Everybody keeps working when it’s busy, after all you work as a team!
It is an exciting way of working, very good for your language skills, the opportunity to meet new people you would never have met. I became much more mature, overall it was a very nice experience.

Going out in ‘the middle of nowhere’

The campsite is located in the middle of nowhere. So there’s not much choice when you want to go out at night.
Sometimes there was a village festival; once 30 of us visited one of these. We always walked to the party. Sometimes it was a 45 minute walk there (and back!). They were beautiful evenings