Interpreter, show master and walking information centre in one. Yari tells you his story!

18 October 2016 AnimatieFrankrijk

The selection process was fast. Initially Leisure European support did not match any available job to me because of my limited language skills but there was last minute a job available that did fit my profile. It all went through very quickly, and fortunately I got invited to the office to prepare me personally for my departure.

A great family atmosphere!

My work was very diverse. My job was called children’s animator, but in reality, I acted as interpreter, show master, a walking information centre for guests, as night-watchman and I helped in the kitchen. This can be tricky because you really have a full schedule but, because of the fantastic family atmosphere around the campsite, I was willing to lend a hand quickly when needed. In fact, you’re stuck with your colleagues for the whole season so it’s good to cooperate.

I sometimes felt a real schoolmaster

In the mornings, I always drank a cup of coffee at breakfast and read the newspaper. Then I went together with my French colleague to prepare the kids club. We had divided the mini club by language with a Dutch and a French group, but we also did a lot together. We played lots of games and always gave the children something to learn from. So, we taught the French children Dutch words and vice versa. So occasionally I felt like a real schoolmaster! After that I could take a break and I often did that in the pool.

After the break, I went quickly to the afternoon activity. This often took place in the pool because of the heat in the French mountains. We played water polo for example or we went down the slide with all the children. Then I took the golf cart around the site to promote other activities and make contact with the guests. All very friendly and often guests asked how I got there and got the job. The contact with the guests is such fun! There was usually a mini-disco in the evening, sometimes a show and then I was done with work!

On my free days, I planned some trips. I have visited villages, but I also went canyoning and canoed through raging rivers. You wanted to see something of the area for sure. At the end of the day I went out for drinks with colleagues.

Tip from Yari!

My tip? Always be yourself, invest in your team and make the most of it. When you’re back home you miss it terribly, and you’ll regret things you haven’t done.

Lost car key…the kids looked for it!

I had lost my car key and I asked all the children from the mini club to help me find it. Eventually there were 30 children helping me!!