‘As a Host you have a lot of freedom’ – Bas and Jana at C’era una Volta

6 March 2018

‘We travelled through Australia the past year. When that year came to an end, we went looking for a seasonal job. We did not want to lead the ‘normal life’ in Belgium.

People skills

We actually had no expectations before we started this adventure. We wanted to work abroad and just see how it went. We both like to work outside and like to talk to people from different cultures in different languages. So it actually works very well here. It is a diverse job where you are busy  helping guests and making sure they enjoy their stay. Our people skills really improved. We have learned how to deal with different people.

Typical day

On a typical day we get up early in the morning because the first guests want to check out. We then check their tents, arrange the deposit and have a chat about how they experienced their stay. Then we make sure that the tents are ready for people who want to check in before 4 o’clock. In the afternoon it is more quiet. We often only answer questions from guests.

As of 3 o’clock the first guests arrive. We solve some problems and we chat with the guests. Between half past 6 and half past 7 they can visit us at our reception tent. Guests usually have questions about what to do in the area. We are fortunate that the previous camp host, who has been here for 4 years, left entire folders with information about the area. We have looked into this and on our day off we do trips that the guests can also do, so we know what we’re talking about.


The nice thing about being a Host is that you have a lot of freedom. Freedom in how you fill your day, and freedom in how you take care of your guests. You can give your own interpretation to the job.  Besides this, you’re working outside and you’re surrounded by holiday vibes.’