Heart-warming moments! Lieke as head animator.

Hoofdanimator Lieke
18 October 2016 AnimatieFrankrijk

As head animator, I was responsible for the animation together with a trainee. The day started with discussing the daily schedule, then straight off to the mini club and mini disco, interactive theatre and all kinds of fun craft activities. We organised sports tournaments or water games in the afternoon. In the evening, we had the mini disco. One of the most enjoyable times of the day. The kids are always so excited!

A busy day? From 9am to 11pm but an indescribable feeling of satisfaction

A busy day began at nine o’clock and finally at eleven o’clock I went to bed, and I didn’t have a lot of breaks in between. I prepared for the themes and activities that run alongside the program on these days. There was also an additional program in the evening for which I did the presentation (such as the Mr and Mrs, bingo etc.). Despite being such busy times, these days also gave me so much energy! When it was quiet, you had more time to chat with guests and with colleagues! But also, more time to clean up the tent and the boxes where all the materials are stored! In my spare time, I went to the river bank with colleagues. Not bad at all!

Why do I recommend the job as an animator? You’ll be creative and active all day. It’s about flexibility, fun and being crazy with the kids, getting to know lots of new people and of course working in the sun! It gives an indescribably good feeling when you can make other people’s summer great! Even though it’s busy, you have good humoured people around you and you do what you love. That made me feel really good and relaxed.

Tip from Lieke

My tip? Have an open attitude towards guests and colleagues. I personally find it very important to have a good relationship with colleagues. That makes your time abroad so much more fun.

Heart-warming moments

Lieke animator op het podium

I have experienced many heart-warming moments. As Tipy and Flora’s song was playing (the sign that the theatre was about to start) down at the end of the street I saw three little boys, 2,4 and 5 years old, running to the stage, afraid that they might miss something! Then they sat on the front row, each with a big smile!