Bryan progresses from trainee to chief animator in Germany

Bryan, animatie Duitsland
27 October 2016 AnimatieDuitslandStage

Bryan did his internship at the border triangle of Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. During his internship Bryan progressed from animator to head animator at campsite Lackenhäuser.

“I really enjoyed it. I want to go back next year. The work was varied and fun while the people were very friendly. As soon as I arrived, I immediately felt at home.” Bryan would prefer to live abroad. “Abroad I feel even more at home than in the Netherlands. I can totally be myself! “. After finishing at the Vacansoleil Leisure Academy, Bryan would first like to work as a chief animator for a few years, traveling through Europe, and then start a college education.


The surroundings and the German food are huge plus points!

“What did I notice during my internship? The German language, which I heard constantly!” Bryan did everything to integrate himself at the camp, he spoke German with everyone, except with the Dutch guests of course. The environment, the mentality and the German food were really a huge plus for Bryan during his internship. “Did I miss anything? I especially missed my mother, stepfather, step-sisters, family and friends. But there’s social media and Skype”. Bryan worked with a great team on site; “We worked with a fairly small team, all very nice people! Everyone worked so well together and it was really a team effort!”

The Dutch mostly expected the animation to be free according to Bryan, Germans sometimes thought that they had to pay for the activities. “Dutch people join in more than the Germans. With a few exceptions of course.”