Florian (25) – Montage Employee and Host

Montage Employee Florian
6 March 2018

My parents have their own campsite, so I grew up with the leisure business. After I got my degree in Tourism & Recreation I was looking for work in the recreation sector. When I saw the vacancy for Montage Employee on Facebook, I applied immediately. And from one thing came another!

I started three years ago. Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Austria … I have already been to many countries!

Montage for the first time

When we left for the first time, I was a bit nervous. You don’t know what your team will look like. When you’re together for the first time, those nerves quickly disappear. You can learn a lot from the more experienced people in your team. They can tell you everything about their previous experiences.

Guarantee for a good time

As a Montage Employee it’s important that you can work hard. Sometimes you have to make long days. But if you work hard and listen carefully to colleagues with more experience, then you have a great time. After a while, the work becomes easier and you can also enjoy the days off. You see many different campsites, and you go to places where you normally wouldn’t come.

New friends

Because you spend quite some time in the car, you get to know each other well. You have enough time to talk about almost everything, and that way you learn what everyone else does. Often we come from very different backgrounds, but there are also many similarities.

I still have contact with people from last time, but also with people from the first time I went. They remain friends because you quickly get a close bond. You are constantly together, so within a month you know each other very well. Through this work you become very open and you learn how to deal with people.

Charley’s Bar

During your time off you can do a lot of fun things. For example, we went to Venice for a day. We also watched a lot of movies and we played some card games.

In Spain you stay a little longer at the campsite and the cities are within walking distance. Then you often go to pubs, to the mall, or have a nice night out. Charley’s bar is a must if you are in Spain, haha! Barcelona was also very cool. We had plenty of time to walk around, because we were there all weekend.

The golden tip

If I have a tip for future montage employees? Take a good look at where you are going. Which campsites do you visit, what can you do there, and make it really fun!