Gerben’s last minute dash to France! A new adventure!

28 October 2016 AnimatieFrankrijk

It was a last minute offer to go to France. Within a weekend I was away, but I went to France feeling good. Ready for a new adventure.

What were my days like? Besides mini club, mini disco and evening specials I also worked as an interpreter at the campsite. My English and French came in especially handy.

I started the morning at 10am with the mini club, then I had a break and after that the kids club started at 3 o’clock. At 7pm we ended up with a ghost tour or a show. A day full of organising and entertaining. A day that usually ended after midnight in high season. In my free time I made sure to rest. Catch up on my sleep so as to be ready for the next day!

Wakeboarding in my spare time


On my days off you could find me at the lake wakeboarding, or I visited cities with colleagues. I always tried to have days out. Guests always recognise you around the campsite. So nice, but on a day off it was also very pleasant to get away.

You’re the superstar!

I recommend it to everyone! You get to know yourself and all of a sudden you have to take care of yourself. It is also rewarding. A child’s smile makes your day special! You are their ‘superstar’! The contact with the guests is such fun! I’ll never forget the shower that didn’t work in my mobile home and suddenly a guest came over with a new shower head that he had bought for me!

My tip? Try to break the language barrier! If you simply don’t understand your colleagues? Ask them to explain it in a different way. They’re happy to help!