Travelling as chauffeur from one campsite to the other

Type of workSeasonal job
CountryAustriaBelgiumCroatiaFranceGermanyItalyLuxembourgSpainSwitzerlandThe Netherlands
DisciplineMontage & Demontage
RoleDemontage driver
Period17 September 2019 until 21 November 2019

The life of an chauffeur montage with European Leisure Support:

As a demontage chauffeur you will be working at different campsites in Europe. Your team will travel from one campsite to another in approximately 6 to 10 weeks to carefully dismantle the Vacansoleil tents before the winter begins. In addition you will collect the inventory from the campsites. 

During this period of time you will work together with your colleagues, eat meals together and sleep at the same accommodations (a Tent or a Mobile Home). The teams verify between 5 to 12 employees. During this period you won’t be able to go home.

On Daily basis the montageleader is leading the team. Gives the instructions for all the common montageactivities and controls the work of the demontage employees. 

For this specific function we are looking for candidates that want to work as a chauffeur.  You would be driving a big van or a normal car. It means that 30% of your work will be driving and 70% of your work will be demontaging the Vacansoleil tents. As a chauffeur  you are fully responsable for the vehicle from the beginning until the end of the contract. You will drive the car or van from Eindhoven (Netherlands) to the first campsite and you will drive from campsite to campsite. Afterwards you will drive the car or van from the last campsite back to the Netherlands. You will also have other collegue’s who will be sitting in the car or van. Also on the campsites you will drive and you will sometimes drive through villages that have verry narrow roads. On the campsites itself, you wil drive the van and it will occur that you will have to drive difficult curves and you have to be able to drive backwards. In short we are expecting a lot of your driving skills. 

What do I get as an chauffeur with Vacansoleil?

Salaris Salary: Between € 820,- and € 1642,- gross per month (Depending on age)
Accommodatie Accommodation: Either a bungalow tent or a mobile home
Maaltijden Meals: There will be a deduction per month between € 60,- en € 123,- (for 3 meals per day)
Vrije dagen Days off: Two days off per week 
Training Training: Training on the job 
En verder What else: A great experience abroad and travelling around!

What kind of chauffeur are we looking for?

Talen Languages: English and preferably a second language
Persoonlijkheid Personality:: Technical, social en great team player 
Beschikbaarheid Availability:  From September until November
Ervaring Experience: Preferably a physical job and driver’s experience in Europe
Opleiding Education:  Not necessary 

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