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Tourism jobs in the NetherlandsWorking close to home!

Yes! Working abroad is fun. And you can do it pretty close to home too. In the Netherlands for example. A lot of tourism companies in this country are always on the lookout for new employees. The possibilities are endless and working here has many advantages.

Why work in the Netherlands?

Working in The Netherlands is more fun than many people think! The country is becoming more and more popular among tourists from all over the world and we can see why. It has an excellent infrastructure, everything is well organized, you can see a lot in a short time and there is a wide range of tourist attractions. In 2018, tourism in the Netherlands even experienced its greatest growth in 10 years.

Tourism jobs in the NetherlandsBy working in this country you get in touch with other cultures. Just like when you’d work really far from home. Most of the tourists come from these countries:

  1. Germany
  2. Belgium
  3. United Kingdom
  4. United States
  5. France

Do you want to improve your language skills? Guests from these countries always appreciate it if you try to help them in their language. They feel welcome, you are the perfect example of ultimate hospitality and you also learn something from it. Win win!

More advantages of working in The Netherlands

Tourism jobs in the NetherlandsAnother advantage of working in The Netherlands is that you won’t have to deal with a culture shock. The mindset of the people is pretty much the same and similar things are expected of you. In addition, the working conditions in this country are very good and the salary is often a bit higher than in Southern European countries.

Do you suffer from homesickness? Tourism jobs in the Netherlands are a perfect solution! Because you work close to home, your friends or family can easily visit you. This way you have the best of both worlds!

What kind of tourism jobs are there in the Netherlands?

Good news! In the Netherlands we offer almost all jobs that are available in other countries as well. Whether you prefer to join the reception, entertainment, restaurant/bar or campinghost staff, everything is possible!

Tourism jobs in the NetherlandsOn the right side of this page you will find a small overview of jobs that are available. This is the complete list of our tourism jobs in the Netherlands.