Vacancies Switzerland

Switzerland in the winter? Ok, we all know how lovely that can be! But it is at least as beautiful in the summer. Imagine waking up in the morning and watching the sun rise over the mountains. A colleague greets you in German … or … oh no French or Italian or Swiss German. Yes, you can speak plenty of languages here!

Tourism Switzerland

Breathtaking mountain panoramas, deep blue lakes, historical buildings: you can easily fall in love with the spectacular scenery. From the delicious Italian coffee and gelato and the romantic Italian atmosphere, the cosy French bistros with good wine and cheese boards to the German punctlichkeit, stately architecture and good organisation. You’ll find it all in Switzerland! A mix of French, German and Italian cultures melt together into an unique country and that makes Switzerland the leading destination for people who love variety. And above all: There’s something for everyone.

Working in Switzerland

The Swiss campsites generally have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You can expect a warm welcome on arrival. quickly become ‘part of the family’ here. They mostly speak German (or Swiss German) in the workplace. The living is quite pricey, but fortunately the salary in is Switzerland also higher than we are used to. And of course you get paid in Swiss Francs!