Vacancies Spain

More than the Costa del Sol

Spain … The dream of many holidaymakers. And the dream of many people who want to have an international experience under the sun. But this sunny country is more than the well-known Costa’s  and resorts in the north, east and south coasts. Bustling cities, sleepy villages and rugged nature: it’s all there in the land of tapas, flamenco, Dalí and FC Barcelona.

Spain is the destination for sun, sea and sand. But it’s also the perfect country for city breaks and cultural or culinary excursions. No fewer than 13 Spanish cities are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. So you can discover historical treasures throughout the whole country.


Tourism is one of the most important industries in Spain. Last year there was a record number of visitors from abroad. Many Britons know how to find the Spanish travel treasures, as do many French, Germans and Scandinavians. The Spanish climate makes it possible to holiday in all seasons. There is also much to do in the autumn because of this climate.

Working in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country to live in, but finding a job is not always that easy. The unemployment rate is quite high compared to other European countries. Luckily there are always plenty of vacancies in the tourist industry. Even if you do not come from Spain, you can work in this industry. Especially when you have good language skills alongside experience.

The days in Spain are generally longer than usual. This is because the days are often broken up by the well-known Siesta. Although recreation businesses do not just close their doors at noon, many shops and businesses do shut their doors at lunchtime. These hours will be rescheduled later that day.

“Solidaridad” in the Spanish workplace

Collegiality and personal contact is very important for the Spaniards. Your Spanish colleagues will not be so direct. They spend a lot of time in building a good relationship with each other. In Spain, there is a clear hierarchy in the workplace. This does not mean that the boss just does his own thing. Spanish managers also like the advice of their employees.