Vacancies Luxembourg

Small country, big history

Luxembourg. Sandwiched between Belgium, Germany and France and the second smallest country in the European Union. But it’s more than a small country! Looking for beautiful scenery and historical sites? And you want to get away from the usual haunts and mass tourism? Then Luxembourg is the place for you!

The Grand Duchy has a rich history and beautiful scenery. The country is full of fortresses and castles. In the northern part of the country you will find the Ardennes with forests, mountains and river valleys. In the hilly south you’ll find the rolling vineyards of the Moselle Valley and the largest city in the country, the eponymous Luxembourg.

Totally international

Luxembourg plays a major role in Europe. The country is a founding member of several international collaborations, such as the Benelux countries and the European Union. A large part of the population speaks several languages. Besides Luxembourgish (Luxembourg) German, French and Portuguese are often spoken. Almost half of the inhabitants are foreigners and there are more than 150 (!) different nationalities living there.

Working in prosperous Luxembourg

Thanks to international trade and banking, Luxembourg is among the richest countries in the world. There is high employment, wages are good and taxes low. Not surprising that residents of border areas like working here and tourists who drive through the country love to refuel here! Beside the business sector, there is a lot of work in industrial and tourism industries.

Typically Luxembourgish? There is nothing typical about Luxembourg! With so many different nationalities in one country is it a melting pot of languages, cultures and customs. If you start working in Luxembourg, you will experience how extremely versatile this country is.