Vacancies Italy

La vita è bella

Pasta, pizza, cantuccini, mozzarella and prosciutto di Parma. Italy makes your mouth water! Add to that a great climate, azure blue waters and fine white sand. Beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Vast ski areas in the North. Picturesque villages. And special, historic cities full of art treasures throughout the country. Italy is a destination with style!


Italy has many tourist attractions. From the northern Italian lakes to the islands in the south. From trendy cities like Milan and Turin to historical cities such as Rome, Venice and Firenze (Florence). Tourists from all over the world visit Italy. For the culture, watching the latest fashion trends or to enjoy all the delights of the Italian ‘cucina’.

As in other southern European countries, you sometimes need a little luck to find someone who speaks English and can show you the way. That’s why employees with extensive language skills are very welcome in the tourism industry. Besides English and of course Italian, German is also a much sought after language.

Working in Italy

Ever been to Italy? Then you probably already noticed that Italians are friendly but temperamental. They laugh and talk loudly and with hand gestures. Italians show their emotions, even in the workplace. Do you have an appointment? Don’t be surprised if you have to wait an ‘Italian fifteen minutes ..’

Family matters

Many Italian companies are real family companies. The same is the case in the tourism sector. Do not be surprised if you see that zio Luca is managing the reception and nonna Antonieta holds sway in the restaurant. You haven’t known your colleagues for that long? Call them Signor and Signora and their surname. You greet them by buon giorno (hello), buon pomeriggio (good afternoon) or buonasera (good evening). When you’ve known your colleagues a little longer, you can call him or her by their first name and say good bye with an informal ciao.

A good start is half the work

landenpagina-italieIf you’re in Italy you start the working day in real Italian style: a caffè (espresso) and a brioche. At lunch a sandwich is not the norm. They would rather eat a hot meal if possible. And, in the high season … do not be surprised if they are talking about food all day.

Practical issues

As a citizen of the EU you can, without too much hassle, work for a short period in Italy. Are you going abroad for a longer period? Then it takes more organisation! For the IRS you always need a Codice Fiscale, a tax number, for example.  And in some cases you need to register with the anagrafe, population register. But no worries! We will help you!