Vacancies Germany

Great in everything

One of the largest countries in Europe with the largest population? That’s Germany!
Because Germany is so big, it is very diverse. Trips, camping, skiing. Active holidays, the wide nature, cultural activities or on the culinary route. Whatever you are looking for, Germany has it.

It is the land of the brothers Grimm, crunchy pretzels and beer with sausages.
Germany has been on top of the rankings for European holidaymakers for a long time. The Germans like to go on holiday in their own country. In addition, they can always count on international visits. The hip capital city Berlin has over 23 million visitors each year. And camping is popular in the beautiful German countryside.

Working in tourism

In Germany there are more than 50.000 locations with rental accommodation, all kinds of leisure and adventure parks. The German government would like to receive even more tourists. The peak has not yet been reached. Throughout Germany and in every season. There is plenty of work in tourism and recreation throughout Germany all year round.

Working in Germany

In Germany they have their own distinctive culture which is different from most other European countries. Especially in the workplace. Overall, the Germans are more formal. There is often a clear hierarchy within many companies. If you’re accustomed to addressing people with you’ and with their first name? Then get ready for a change. In Germany, it is not customary to address people you don’t know well with ‘Du’. You can better begin with ‘Sie’ and it is appreciated if you use someone’s title and surname.

The German word ‘Gründlichkeit’ (thoroughness) might be a stereotype but it describes the punctually, thoroughness and sobriety plan that Germans like to work with. Don’t mess up and don’t be late for work!