Vacancies France

All-in-one destination

Which country serves culture and nature lovers well? Which country seduces legions of sunbathers, families, winter sports enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs year after year?
And which country is always in the tourist top 3 in Europe? France!

And that’s not surprising. France is so diverse. Take the scenery alone. It’s overwhelming. Mountains, rolling vineyards, lavender fields. Crystal clear lakes and meandering rivers. Historic towns and beautiful rustic countryside. France is an amazing, versatile holiday destination. All year round.


Each year about 80 million tourists visit France, more than the United States! In France, nearly one million people work in the tourism and leisure industry. But not everyone speaks English. Or German, Spanish, Italian or Dutch. Because France welcomes so many foreign tourists, there is plenty of demand for employees who speak foreign languages. France is, on all fronts, an interesting option for a working adventure abroad!

Workinlandenpagina-frankrijk-2g in France

The national symbol of France? A rooster. And there’s a reason for that. The French are proud people. Proud of their beautiful country. Proud of their language. Movies and TV shows are always dubbed. You want to watch a Hollywood movie in the cinema? First check whether they have the original version (in French: version originale or V.O.) running. The French like to keep speaking their own language, that means you can improve your French in no time!

Kisses in the morning and how does that keyboard work?

In the workplace, the French do things differently. When arriving at work, it’s common for everyone to kiss each other to say hello (Yes, Even their boss!) And half an hour for a lunchbreak is usually not enough. Bringing your own sandwiches is almost a faux pas. And you work with a computer? Don’t worry when you can’t find the letter W or the question mark on the keyboard. In France, they don’t have a QWERTY keyboard, they use a AZERTY keyboard.


Experience the cultural differences

Are you going to work in France? Then you probably experience these cultural differences. Of course, it is everywhere else. Maybe not all these things do apply for your workplace. Maybe you’ll discover other differences. Anyway, it’s good that you’re aware that not all ‘rules and practices ’are the same everywhere.