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Belgium: we like to see you!

Belgium, an oh-so-diverse country! From the coast in the north-west to the beautiful Ardennes in the south-east and everything in between. Combine that with friendly people, a Burgundian kitchen and, for people older than 17, the best speciality beers. A lot of reasons to visit this hospitable country!


Tourists know Belgium because of the many beautiful cities. Think of the medieval city of Bruges, the student city of Ghent and the port of Antwerp. But also the capital Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union with tourist attractions such as the Atomium and Manneken Pis. Besides that, the Flemish coast has nice beaches and good walking and cycling.

Nature lovers and active people love the Ardennes. A wooded low mountain range with rivers and lakes. Perfect for canoe trips, survival activities and mountain sports. You would not think so, but in the Ardennes you’ll even find a number of ski resorts!

General Civilized Dut… er, Flemish!

Belgium has no less than three official languages. Besides Dutch and French they also speak German. Therefore most Belgians speak several languages. So, both in tourism and elsewhere, good language skills are a plus. Although Dutch and Flemish Belgians have a common language, there are also many differences in the words we use. The Flemings speak ABV, General Civilized Flemish.

Cultural differences

Belgians are cordial and polite. A Dutchman often comes straight to the point and will immediately talk with new colleagues about private matters, a new Flemish colleague will not immediately ask the ins and outs. Trust is very important in Belgium, and it takes some time to build that trust.

Tourism jobs in Belgium

In Belgium there are a lot of jobs in the tourist sector, how about a job as an animator or receptionist? As a hospitality employee or in the gardening department on a campsite in the Ardennes? View ‘all vacancies’ for recent jobs on offer.