It’s exciting to apply? We know everything about it

25 October 2016 ArticlesInterviewsNo categoryTraining

Every year we speak many candidates and fortunately a lot of top candidates. Do you want to shine at a job interview? We have some tips for you to put a row! Will you make us jump with joy after your job interview?

The application form

Based on the application, we decide whether we invite you yes or no. Do you have many years of experience in babysitting or are you a volunteer in the nursing home?  we want to know it all. All information which is relevant for the job you apply for; we want to read about that. But be honest and do not exaggerate too much. Do not be modest, but helped an hour behind the bar at the tennis club does not mean that you have years of experience in the hospitality. Be realistic about your experience. Finally, it is a shame if you are traveling to our office for nothing.

Good preparation is half the work at a job interview or Entertainment Casting Day!

Study the job well, read the invitation again and if necessary watch a French television station to fresh up your language. It may help!

Be yourself

It sounds obvious, but we want to know who you are. Where do you shine in, what do you find difficult and what are you looking for?  Think carefully about it in advance because it is important for us to know. The better you know what you want and what suits you, the better we can make the match.

Testing your language skills…Scary!

Yes, we always test your language. Because in the end you are applying for an international job. Give us your best shot and show what you can. Do not be afraid to make a mistake. Is it grammatically not entirely correct? We can see through that! We find it important that you can confidently speak to the guests. Touristic jargon is therefore more than welcome!

Good luck and hopefully see you soon!