Only vacancies for July or August? No, not at all! You can already start in March!

25 January 2017 ArticlesInterviewsNo categoryTraining

What you may not know but what certainly is possible is that you can start at the campsite outside the high season. Your adventure abroad can already start from March and may even continue until November. In other words, you will work abroad for more than half a year.

But what are you going to do right outside the peak season?

That depends on the function, but this is still in line with each other to some extent. A site is not one-two-three ready to receive guests. Before the first guests arrive, the site should be prepared on all fronts.

A campsite has been closed for several months, so you can imagine that there is a lot to do before the opening. Think about preparing the accommodations, cleaning the reception and restaurant and perhaps should even the green be handled. Everything should be ready before the guests arrive.

There are more and more campsites which open their doors as early as March or April. The first guests will check in at the campsite, dinner, participate in the animation, etc. Perhaps it is still quiet at first but you stand there with a big smile for the guests. During the school holidays, like May it will be busy already. Immediately a great exercise for the high season!

From the first of July, the start of the school holidays, it is all hands on deck. You will be mainly concerned with your task, for example the reception, hospitality or entertainment. From the first of September, the weather will change but that’s not to criticize your attitude because also these guests deserve the best service. During this period, you often have some free time. Yes! At this time you can finally visit that cute village or that theme park.

Something for you? There are plenty of jobs available! So, we are looking for receptionists, campground hosts, chief animators, animators, restaurant managers, chefs and cooks who can start in short term. Curious about the jobs? Check them out here! ->

Are you ready to pack your suitcase? We hope to see you soon for a job interview at the office!