Entertainment training: The Ins and Outs

Campingtainment training
26 October 2016 ArticlesInterviewsNo categoryTraining

Lisanne provides trainings for the animators together with her colleagues from Campingtainment. It’s a trainings week on location. Training? Call it a boot camp. After this training all participants are full-blown top entertainers. Ready to conquer their camp! Lisanne gives you a glimpse at the training week.

“All parts of the animation program are covered. The main animators get a separate instruction, after that follow the other animators. The first day? That’s a day full of theory. Everyone is fresh and fruity in the beginning, so it is the right time to process a lot of information. Sounds boring, but it certainly is not!

The following days contain the practice work. Mini-disco dances, theatre workshops, sports and game exercises. Participants must also devise their own show and perform that. Then we will see whether they can improvise well. In the evening, we always do theatre and shows. On Friday, we dive into the pool: aerobics time. In the afternoon, the course is done and everybody can go home. ”


“The nicest moment of the training? I like the dancing part and the evenings when we go on stage for the shows. My favorite mini disco song is shopping. A song about a child who did not like shopping. One time I’ve been called by a mother who had the camping kids CD at home. Every time she went to the store, her children sang lustily ‘Shopping’!

Yes, some courses are truly unique. Like that time in a holiday period. There were many children at the campsite. When they saw us, they wanted to participate. That was really great. A live training with your audience? That’s the ideal way to practice for the animators. They experienced the training in a special way.

In the beginning, everyone is a little reluctant. But in no-time you notice that the group is getting closer. Eventually you will see that there is a real team. There are numbers exchanged and facebook friends have been added. Anything to keep in touch. That’s great to see!