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Only vacancies for July or August? No, not at all! You can already start in March!

25 January 2017 ArticlesInterviewsNo categoryTraining

What you may not know but what certainly is possible is that you can start at the campsite outside the…

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Hello World.

2 November 2016 ArticlesInterviewsNo categoryTraining

Hello world. Yes, here we are. new name, new website, new writing paper but meanwhile more than 25 years of…

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Entertainment training: The Ins and Outs

Campingtainment training
26 October 2016 ArticlesInterviewsNo categoryTraining

Lisanne provides trainings for the animators together with her colleagues from Campingtainment. It’s a trainings week on location. Training? Call…

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It’s exciting to apply? We know everything about it

25 October 2016 ArticlesInterviewsNo categoryTraining

Every year we speak many candidates and fortunately a lot of top candidates. Do you want to shine at a…

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