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Restaurant jobs Attention waiters, bartenders, barmen, garcons, and kitchen helpers! Are you looking for restaurants jobs abroad? European Leisure Jobs has got you covered! Discover the best restaurant jobs at over 500 holiday parks in 16 European countries. Foreign catering and hospitality companies are always in need of people like you. Find all restaurant jobs for waiters, bartenders, barmen, garcons and kitchen helpers here.

Are you wondering what kind of catering and/or hospitality employee they’re looking for? Let’s paint you a picture:

You can juggle with glasses and Gordon Ramsey could learn something from the way you prepare your dishes. That Italian coffee machine is no mystery to you and nothing sounds better than clinking ice cubes in a tall glass of soda. A full terrace? Yes! Your cheerful smile whilst serving the guests comes free of charge. Does this sound familiar? We’re very keen to help heroes like you!

Catering and hospitality jobs abroad

Foreign restaurants and cafes are always in need of good hospitality staff. For their kitchen, restaurant, bar, or terrace. From a slice of pizza at lunch to a five course dinner. Good food and drinks are essential for people on holidays. And the right waiter, bartender, barman, garcon or kitchen helper can make all the difference. That’s why we offer a wide variety of catering and hospitality jobs.

Restaurant jobs chef jobsChef jobs in Europe

No surprise here: chefs are wanted in every country! Besides these chef jobs abroad, there’s also a high demand for kitchen helpers. Do you want to work as a chef or kitchen helper? Then you get to choose from a lot of chef jobs at holiday parks in 16 European countries! To make it easier for you to find the right chef jobs, we’ve listed them below. Some vacancies also mention the chef salary or chef wages. If not, the recruiter listed on the right side of the vacancy page is happy to share more information about this.

Chef jobs:

Restaurant jobs bartending jobsBartending jobs abroad

Do you feel more comfortable behind the bar than behind the stove? No problem! Besides the chef jobs abroad, we also offer bartender jobs abroad. There are plenty of bartending jobs you can choose from. Do you put your heart and soul into the foam of your cappuccino or do you know how to draught the perfect beer? Then these bar jobs are perfect for you! Similar to the chef jobs, you can find information about the bartender salary and bartender wages in some of the vacancies. If there’s no information in the vacancy itself, you can contact the recruiter on the right side of the vacancy page. They’re always happy to help!

Want to check out the vacancies? View all bartending jobs abroad!

Waiter jobs

Don’t worry waiters! Yes, we’re also looking for you! Are you ready to become the shining star of the terrace? Then don’t hesitate to discover our waitress jobs and waiter jobs. Obviously there are many restaurant jobs. But you might find them a little more interesting when they’re abroad. Imagine working in an international team, in a sunny and beautiful place with a beach or pool close by. Not bad, right? Especially when it comes with the right waiter or waitress salary. Restaurant jobs waiter jobsIf the salary isn’t listed on the vacancy page, you can always contact the recruiter of the vacancy page. They can share more information about this.

Check out all waiter jobs and waitress jobs!

Hospitality management jobs

Do you already have experience in hospitality and are you ready for a new challenge? Then our hospitality management jobs might be really interesting for you! These jobs come with more responsiblity and often you get to lead a team of international colleagues. Does this sound interesting to you? You can find all restaurant manager jobs and hospitality manager jobs on this page.

The benefits of restaurant jobs

Why you want to go for restaurant jobs at European Leisure Jobs? Because you like a job with a lot of responsibility, in a world where everything revolves around good service.

Basically, you work in an inverted world: you work when others enjoy their spare time. You prepare and serve delicious snacks and drinks, whilst others enjoy them. This means that you are constantly being surrounded by happy people. In fact, you take care of all those happy faces.

Sometimes it’s hard work, it can be very busy. Fortunately, you are not alone. You work in an international team. Another advantage: your language skills are sure to benefit! In no time you will learn how to help guests from other countries in their own language.