Receptionist Jobs

Receptionist jobs

receptionist jobs junior receptionistAre you a receptionist or front office employee looking for receptionist jobs? Welcome to European Leisure Jobs! Here you’ll find a wide variety of receptionist jobs in 16 European countries. You have multiple options when it comes to reception work. First off you’ll find the traditional receptionist jobs and front desk jobs at our website. However, besides these vacancies we also offer temporary receptionist jobs or junior receptionist jobs. It’s up to you!

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If you’re not sure what to expect from our receptionist jobs, we’d love to paint you a picture. Below you can find a day out of the life of a receptionist at a holiday park in France. Why a holiday park you ask? Because that’s where we have most vacancies.

A day in the life of a receptionist

It’s Saturday afternoon, 3 PM. Listen to all that chatter in different languages. Guests who travelled all day are queuing up before the reception. They want to check in as soon as possible. This is your moment. It’s time to start their holiday!

You and your colleagues work efficiently and with a smile on your face you’re checking in families and you answer all of their questions. Everyone leaves the reception worry-free and ready for their well-deserved time off. Your kindness makes the new guests smile as well. That’s how hospitality feels. That’s how you give guests a warm welcome.

In the meantime, the phone rings: “There is no water in bungalow 210, and the guests are on their way.” After a call to the technical department, the problem is resolved immediately. Two hours later your shift is done. Fancy a swim in the pool?

Temporary receptionist jobs

Receptionist jobs front desk

Not interested in working as a full-time receptionist? Don’t worry, a lot of vacancies you’ll find on our site are temporary receptionist jobs. They’re perfect for when you’re looking for a summer job, seasonal job or traineeship as a front desk receptionist or junior receptionist. The responsibilities for temporary receptionists are almost the same as the ones for full time employees. Are you wondering what these responsibilities are? Look at the description below!

Receptionist job description

Here’s what you can expect as a receptionist:

As a front desk receptionist you’re the point of contact for all guests. That very important first impression? That’s your job! On arrival and departure plus during their stay, you’re always there for guests. You will work with guests (and colleagues) from different countries.

Foreign languages? Great! You switch effortlessly from English to French. Or from German to Italian. Important: you are very service oriented. You would go the extra mile for your guests. Reception work is a tough job indeed.

Receptionist jobs temporary receptionist

Fortunately, you’re a solid receptionist. You’re a born multitasker. Besides contact with guests at the front office, you answer emails and phone calls. In between you dive into administration. You will coordinate reservations, provides optimum distribution of the available rooms or accommodation. You work accurately, are good at planning and always manage to keep an overview of what is required.

What kind of receptionist jobs are there?

Front desk employee, front office employee, temporary receptionist, reception manager… you name it! Something that might be interesting for you as well is information or sales employee. In this role you provide guests with information about the area or you help sell excursions or activities.

The benefits of receptionist jobs at European Leisure Jobs

Why you should apply for a job on our site? Because we offer jobs in an international environment. An ideal place to improve your language skills. You learn quickly to switch between different tasks, and how to keep your cool in challenging situations. But the best? Your guests are in a holiday mood! What a wonderful atmosphere that creates in the workplace. And after work you can take a swim in the pool or relax on the nearby terrace.

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