Montage & Demontage Jobs

Wanted: Go-getters!

Montage teamWork. Assemble. Sweat. But above all: Enjoy. Because the sun is shining. You work outdoors all day. Yes, another tent done. You immediately check your stopwatch. Ai … 30 seconds late. The day record of your montage colleague is still there. No problem. The next tent is waiting. You roll up your sleeves again ….

What is it you do?

Are you such a go-getter? And would you like to work at different places all over Europe? Then join our Montage / Demontage teams! They travel all over Europe. Their job? Building the rental tents plus inventory (kitchens, tables, chairs, beds, …) of travel organizations. Such as the fully equipped bungalow tents of Vacansoleil Camping Holidays, present on more than 500 campsites in Europe.

Camping season finished? Then the Demontage teams set off. At the end of the season, all tents are packed up and stored for the winter period.

What jobs are there?

 From the end of February you can join our Montage teams as a Montage Employee, Montage Driver, or Montage Leader. From September to November you can join our Demontage teams, which also consist of employees, drivers, and leaders.Montage work

Why Montage / Demontage?

 It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and you open the door of your mobile home. No traffic jam, you are already at work! Tough day today, because there are 60 tents on the agenda. And the sun is already shining bright for a day in April. But it’s going to be great, let’s see who is the fastest today. As soon as the tents are ready you carry the first fridges inside. Your muscles will be a little sore tomorrow, but now the beach is waiting for a fresh dive or a game of football. Tonight we’ll light the BBQ. What a job!

Montage jobsYour dream job?

If you are a go-getter who prefers to work outside. If you don’t have a problem with heavy lifting. And if such an adventure abroad sounds like music to your ears. Yes, then this is your dream job!