Montage and Demontage Jobs

Montage and Demontage Jobs

Montage and demontage jobs - inventory

Are you a go-getter? And would you like to work at different places all over Europe? Then our montage and demontage jobs fit you really well! Our montage teams teams travel all over Europe. Their job? Building the rental tents plus inventory (kitchens, tables, chairs, beds, …) of travel organizations. Such as the fully equipped bungalow tents of Vacansoleil Camping Holidays, present on more than 500 holiday parks in Europe.

Summer season finished? Then it’s time for the demontage teams to depart! At the end of the season, all tents and their inventory are packed up and stored for the winter period.

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What montage and demontage jobs are there?

Montage and demontage jobs - montage driver

From the end of February until April you can join our montage teams as a montage worker, montage driver, or montage leader. From September to November you can join our demontage teams, which also consist of montage workers, drivers, and leaders.

Montage or demontage worker

As a montage or demontage worker you work for 6 to 10 weeks at various holiday parks in Europe. You and your team travel from holiday park to holiday park to build or disassemble all bungalow tents for Vacansoleil.

Besides this, you’ll also distribute the larger inventory to the tents or to a local storage. Larger inventory contains bed frames, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, etc. Each team has its own region in which it works. The bungalow tents and inventory are taken from the local storage and transported to the various campsites or the other way around.

Assisting driver for the montage and/or demontage

Montage and demontage jobs - montage team

For this specific role we are looking for candidates who want to work as a montage worker and drive a large van. This means that about 30% of your work will consist of driving the van and 70% of your work consists of montage work.

As a driver you are fully responsible for the van from the beginning to the end of your contract. This means, among other things, that you drive the van from Eindhoven to the first destination and then travel from holiday park to holiday park and then drive back to Eindhoven. You also transport your colleagues with the van. Also on the campsites themselves you drive the van and you drive through small towns with sometimes narrow roads.

Chief montage or demontage

Montage work

As a chief montage or demontage you work at various campsites in Europe. Together with your team you travel from holiday park to holiday park to build all bungalow tents for Vacansoleil and also to distribute the large inventory to the tents or local storages. On a daily basis, you are in charge of managing and guiding your team, all the montage work or demontage work you do, and supervising the proper execution of the work.

Besides this work you also have an administrative task. You keep track of, among other things, the hours of the montage or demontage staff. As a chief montage or demontage you need experience in managing teams and you are good at motivating your colleagues. You keep an overview and can quickly switch in case of unexpected things, such as bad weather or other calamities.

What is it you do in a montage and demontage team?

Montage jobs

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and you open the door of your mobile home. No traffic jam, you are already at work! Tough day today, because there are 60 tents on the agenda. And the sun is already shining bright for a day in April. But it’s going to be great, let’s see who is the fastest today.

Yeah! Another tent done. You immediately check your stopwatch. Aiai too bad… 30 seconds late. The day record of your montage colleague still stands. No problem. The next tent is waiting! Time to roll up your sleeves again…

As soon as the tents are ready you carry the first fridges inside. Your muscles will be a little sore tomorrow, but now the beach is waiting for a fresh dive or a game of football. Tonight we’ll light the BBQ. What a job!

Is montage work your dream job?

If you are a go-getter who prefers to work outside. If you don’t have a problem with heavy lifting. And if such an adventure abroad sounds like music to your ears. Yes, then this is your dream job!