Management Jobs

Are you heading for the top?!

It’s halfway through the busiest month of the year. Yesterday’s daily turnover was good. But today we still need a little extra! You and your team give 200% to improve the results compared to last year. That makes you a proud manager.

What do you do?

Oh no, someone is sick today. You look straight at the schedule to see who can fill in and make the call straight away. Your team is doing well. After an extensive training period the trainees know exactly what you expect from them. The rest of the team helps them if there are any questions. Guests see no difference, everyone provides top service!

16:00. Away from the main action for a while. In the office you look ahead to the next period. What can we improve? What is going well? In between some calls with suppliers. You expect a lot of guests next week. Just to be sure, you double check if the additional order has come through. Later a quick pep talk with the staff on the final service of the day. Go for it!

What job functions are there?

Management in the leisure industry? This is a wide area. Reception managers and team leaders for the serving staff to head animators. Head of technical services to top chefs and gardening managers. An experienced and inspirational leader is needed for each division!

Why management?

You want a career but certainly not a 9-to-5 job. Planning, organising and directing; that suits you. You have both feet firmly on the ground and prefer working in an environment where there’s a lot going on. Overtime? No problem, you’ll take a longer holiday when things slow down.