Maintenance & Technical Jobs

Are you a technical handyman?

A recreation park is like a village, with shops, restaurants and central facilities such as swimming pools and sanitary buildings. These facilities are used frequently in high season. Proper maintenance is essential! As assistant in maintenance & techincal you ensure that everything continues to run smoothly.

What do you do?

Guests and colleagues take advantage of your technical knowledge and skills. In busy periods you rectify faults and do minor repairs. From leaky taps to broken lights, peeling paint or burst water pipes; you fix it. In the low season you help with major repairs and maintenance. There are often plans to make the facilities (even) better so there is a lot to change. You are a plumber, electrician, heating engineer and painter combined.

What roles are there?

Within a recreation park you can work as an employee in maintenance & technical, maintenance, handyman or maintenance manager.

Why work in maintenance & technical?

As an employee in maintenance or technical in the leisure industry you go with the seasons. In high season, you work among the guests and the pace is fast. Problems or malfunctions are always lurking and must be resolved as soon as possible. Sometimes outside standard working hours. This requires a flexible attitude. In low season there are no or few guests. You’ve all the time and space to stay busy with major repairs or new projects. Each period is different. So it’s definitely not a 9-to-5 job!

Are you going to work abroad? Then you work in a team with colleagues from different countries. The official language is English or the language of the country. You will see that they work differently to some places or countries. You will learn from it.

By the way, those long lunch breaks in Spain are pretty good. Perhaps with the sea or mountains around the corner. A day trip to Barcelona? Outside working hours there is plenty to explore in the area.

Your dream job?

Are you technically trained? A service-oriented task champion? Future specialist in French electrical outlets or Italian water pipes? Then this job suits you perfectly!