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Host and hostess jobsDo you want to work as a host or hostess? European Leisure Jobs has plenty of great host and hostess jobs for you! As a host or hostess, you will work for Vacansoleil Camping Holidays via European Leisure Jobs. You can find Vacansoleil’s luxury mobile homes and fully equipped bungalow tents at over 500 top holiday parks in 16 European countries. Vacansoleil wants to give guests the holiday of their lives. As a host or hostess you play an important part in this.

Vacansoleil lets its own bungalow tents and/or mobile homes at many holiday parks. In order to provide guests of these accommodations with the best possible service, we are looking for hosts and hostesses and junior hosts and hostess who take care of both accommodations and guests. As a host or hostess you welcome guests at their holiday destination. You ensure that they feel welcome and show them the way. You know everything about the environment and nearby activities. And thanks to you, they stay in an accommodation that is in perfect condition.

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Working as a host or hostess

Host and hostess jobs - junior hostess

As you may have already seen, we use a different name for hosts and hostesses in our host and hostess jobs: camping hosts. This term is clearer for people who are not yet familiar with this specific line of work. Are you curious about what you can expect as a camping host?

As a host or hostess you have a responsible task. You are the first point of contact for guests and an important part of the organisation. Besides this you not only have contact with guests and colleagues, but also with companies in the neighbourhood. You are there for people day and night, and you are a star in solving problems. Every day is different, every day you face new challenges.

But there’s more to it! You work in an international environment. So in your spare time you can try out that fun activity, that cozy restaurant or that beautiful beach yourself. You work in a place that others choose as their favourite holiday destination. It’s awesome to work as a hostess, right?

Campsite jobs for couples or individuals

Host and hostess jobs - Chief Campinghost

Are you looking for campsite jobs for couples? We offer all kinds of hosts and hostess jobs. Depending on the holiday park, hosts and hostesses work alone or in a team. Working together as a couple is also possible, for example as a host couple. In this role, as is also described in some of the host and hostess jobs, you and your partner are responsible for the Vacansoleil guests and accommodations.

At the smaller holiday parks there is often only one host or hostess. You then work completely independently. At larger holiday parks there are usually several hosts and hostesses present. These teams are often managed by a leading host or hostess or by a host couple. They are responsible for the junior hosts and hostesses and trainees.

Are host and hostess jobs something for you?

Host and hostess jobs - traineeYou know the word welcome in at least 5 different languages. Your friends describe you as helpful, friendly and approachable. In your spare time you like to explore, you know all the nice places. Does this sound like you? Then you sound like the perfect host or hostess!

Stories from other hosts and hostesses

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