Gardening Jobs

Strong arms? Green fingers?

A hotel, resort or campsite without trees, plants and flower beds? That simply doesn’t exist. Everyone likes to spend their leisure time in a green, natural environment. But a site of 23 hectares with 440 sheltered pitches or an amusement park full of hedges, flower beds and gardens? That requires a lot of maintenance! As a gardening employee you make sure that the area around your guests looks perfect, and you maintain this during the different seasons.


What do you do?

From design to construction and maintenance. Gardening requires skill and knowledge. Planting, pruning, mowing, scarifying, fertilizing and weed control; you handle it all. At the right time and in the right way. Independently or with your colleagues, you ensure that guests can enjoy the greenery around them.

What roles are there?

You can work as master gardener, gardener, assistant site carer or supervisor.

Why work in gardening?

Being a Garden Employee at a recreational site is a different kind of challenge. During a large part of the year you will work among the guests.  Just planted out a beautiful flower bed? Or cut back an overgrown hedge? Guests see and appreciate it. They enjoy the results of your work. And you enjoy their happiness.shutterstock_423739813-klein

Are you going to work in a foreign country? That’s a nice challenge. The weather conditions are different, you work with international colleagues and you can brush up on your language skills. You will also discover other plants, trees and techniques. Latin plant names? You already know them. But do you know what pruning shears are in German?

Your dream job?

Do you have green fingers? Do you prefer working outdoors all day? Rather work in overalls than in a tie? Then this job is the perfect opportunity for you!