Entertainment Jobs

Entertainment Jobs

Entertainment jobs - show and musicalAre you looking for entertainment jobs? Oh boy, then this is your lucky day! European Leisure Jobs helps you find the best animation team jobs all over Europe. All over Europe you say? Yes, we offer the chance to work at over 500 amazing holiday parks in 16 European countries. For example as a children’s entertainer or family entertainer. Summer entertainment jobs don’t get better than this!

Do you think you have what it takes to work in kids entertainment? Let’s take the quiz!

  1. Do you love to wear trainers and sports gear, and have fun on a multi-sport field?
  2. Do you save wonderful craft ideas on DIY boards on Pinterest?
  3. Are you not afraid to dance like no one is watching?
  4. Could you host a show like ‘The Chase’ or ‘The Voice UK’?

Did you answer at least two of these questions with ‘yes’?

Then you’re ready to become a children’s entertainer! Discover all entertainment jobs!

Life of a children’s entertainer

Can you picture yourself working in an animation team at a holiday park abroad? You’re not the only one! Working in kids entertainment is the best summer entertainment job there is. Every year we find the perfect summer job for over 100 children’s entertainers in animation teams at holiday parks in 16 European countries.

Entertainment jobs - children's entertainerWondering what the life of a children’s entertainer looks like?

Energetic, sporty, creative. Just a few of the characteristics of a kids entertainer. You work in hotels, at campsites, or at holiday and theme parks. Your goal? Making sure all your guests enjoy a wide range of activities every day. For example: kids entertainment like mini-disco, crafts, treasure hunts and interactive theatre for younger visitors. Sports, games and exciting activities for teenagers. Activities for adults too. And quizzes and shows for all ages.

Does this sound interesting? Find the best entertainment jobs for children’s entertainers!

Wide range of animation team jobs

Holiday entertainer jobs are very diverse! There are a lot of different animation team jobs abroad at holiday parks all over Europe. The jobs or vacancies available depends on which animation program the holiday park offers.

Wondering what kind of animation team jobs we offer here at European Leisure Jobs? Entertainer, chief entertainer, children’s entertainer, teen entertainer, sport entertainer, preschool entertainer, game show host, show dancer, musical entertainer, choreographer… As you can see, you can choose from a wide range of animation jobs abroad!

Here’s an overview of all of our current holiday entertainer jobs!

Entertainment jobs - kids entertainmentThe highlights of entertainment jobs

Your reward after another successful entertainment activity? The smiling faces of those little rascals. A high-five from tough teenagers. The applause of the adults. You are their superhero. Thanks to you, they have a great time. You work with various target groups in the best destinations. Your workplace? No office with files and computer screens. No way. Your office has a pool and disco lights!

As an entertainer, you work independently or in a team, which varies dependent on the employer. You have a lot of freedom in your work, and you can brush up your language skills in an international team. That’s for sure!