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Entertainment Jobs

Are you energetic, sporty, and creative? Then take a look at our Entertainment jobs!

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Gardening Jobs

Like working outdoors meeting new people? Our vacancies in Gardening provide the perfect combination!

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Attention chefs, waiters, bartenders, barmen, garcons, and kitchen helpers! Are you looking for restaurants jobs abroad?

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Your friends describe you as helpful, friendly and approachable.

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Working in Maintenance or Technical at a leisure facility? Check out our handyman jobs.

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Front desk manager, Chief entertainer, Team leader, or Head of technical services? Just a few of our management vacancies!

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Montage & Demontage Jobs

Work. Assemble. Sweat. But above all: Enjoy. Because the sun is shining. You work outdoors all day.

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Receptionist Jobs

Looking for a service-oriented job where you can brush up your language skills? Check out our Receptionist jobs in Europe!